Poker: From Then to Now

The game of poker is by far the most popular form of card played around the world. In fact, there are so many different ways to play poker that it is practically entertaining to its own category of playing cards. The game of poker style can be traced back ten centuries to similar games that contained rules such as poker and the use of bluffing as part of the method for success. The most popular historical assumption of poker is that it originated in the Chinese around 950AD who they called the “domino card”. This is certainly not the same game you see today or its variations on this issue. Most of the early variations of poker where similar in many ways and later improved and blended into what is widely played today.

Poker Championship

The history of card games around the world has displayed many of poker’s early roots. Apart from China, Europeans had shown signs of using playing cards as early as the 12th century. The Persians have a history of using what they call “Treasure Cards” after this time period in the 16th century. The Persians and Italians were the first to show signs of gambling and ranking cards of play in this same time period.

The Italian game called “Primero” was the first card game directly related to today’s modern poker game. Primero originated in the early 1500s and is sometimes called the “mother of poker”. The game provides each player with 3 to 4 cards, Nature Articles card values, and the ability to bet and bluff to complete each hand. The French game “Porque” and the German game “Pochen” both of which were made from a modified Primero. Primero was brought to Canada by French-Canadian settlers and brought down through the Mississippi River to what is now the United States. This was around the time that Primero was given the name and classification as “Cheating Game”. Over time the games have been adapted again and again which has developed a great poker game.

Checking for Poker hands

The more modern day poker first started to appear back in the 1800’s where it grew steadily in popularity during the American Civil War. It is very popular within different branches of the military as well as in sedans. During the “Wild West” period poker can be found in most sedans throughout the US.

Today there are many variations of poker including the newest spark called Texas Hold’em. This style of poker has broken records as far as commercial and public attention to world tournaments and has also fueled the growth of the largest card game on earth.