American roulette strategy

Most people think that gambling is a form of recreation and a way to leave their minds in a few difficult days. Gambling is a profitable activity, in which profit appears only to those who have access to it.

When I was 14, my parents took me on a 2-day cruise, it was great; my father spent a little time all the time when my mother introduced me to the magic of the casino on board – it was the beginning of my love affair with roulette. Ten years later, I still like roulette, the attraction and the emotion have not wandered yet. Over the course of ten years, though, I’ve noticed a number of strategies that people tend to play with – personally, I think they have fun playing the game, but hey, does everyone have a right to know what the right options are?

The most commonly used roulette strategy is known as Martingale.

This strategy is based on the theory that loss rates don’t last long, so if you continue to bet on two equal odds options (e.g., black or red / odds or even), it won’t be long before you win. . Now the way you can make money with this is to double your bet every time you don’t win. Embarrassed? Don’t be like that! If I bet $ 5 on red and it looks black, I lost $ 5, but in the next round I bet $ 10 on red – the look looks black again, now I’ve lost a total of $ 15. With the Martingale theory, I doubled my bet on the same selection and put $ 20 on the red. Hallelujah, it’s red! I won $ 40. Does it work? Yes, bet $ 5 + $ 10 + $ 20 = $ 35; I earned a $ 5 profit. Makes sense?

Once you’ve got the Martingale, the next strategy you need to deal with is Uber Martingale, more  bingo  known as the Grand Martingale. This strategy works the same as a regular Martingale, except that you double your bet with Grand Martingale and add one of your original bets. So, after the first loss of $ 5, multiply it by $ 10, but add one that means another $ 5, so the second bet is $ 15. If that doesn’t suit you, double $ 15 and add one that’s $. 5, making the third bet of $ 35 and so on. This will increase your profit margin when you win.

The best and worst roulette strategies

The truth is that I have seen people gain a lot with this strategy; they are very logical and do their job. However, we have seen that people lose a lot for them because they have not designed a casino bonus; Minimum tables can cause problems when playing the Martingale strategy, as you increase your chances of reaching the limit before you win. So, if you play this strategy, play at the table with high limits and always start the low bet.

This is not the only roulette strategy used, but it is the most common. Personally, all the strategies seem a bit boring to me, except for my name – favorite numbers, birthdays and bowel tracing; honestly you can’t beat her.

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